Turn key project Plastic PP corrugated carton package box production line

The PP hollow corrugated sheet is widely used in packing area, such as packing box for fruits, vegetable packing box, seafood packing box, turnover box…. we provide the turnkey production project for making plastic corrugated carton box from PP corrugated sheet making to package box making process.



How to make PP corrugated carton package box from the PP hollow corrugated sheet?

StepMachine nameApplication of machine 
1PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
For making PP hollow corrugated sheet for required width and thickness.
width: 1200-2800mm
thickness: 2-12mm
2PP hollow sheet die cutting machineFor cutting the Pp sheet into required shape for folding box
3PP hollow sheet printing machinefor printing logo and designs on the Packing box, there is different printing machine, such as single color printer, double color printer, four color printer.
PP hollow sheet welding machine
PP hollow sheet bookbinding machine
For folding the Pp hollow sheet into required box shape, welding machine and bookbinding machine both can work for it

PP corrugated box main material is a PP hollow sheet, and then after the pressure cut, torn edges, stitching, assembly and made of a series of processing flow.

pp corrugated box making machine

PP Hollow Corrugated Sheet Making Machine

1.Using international advanced CAD design software,38CrMoALA alloy steel with superior quality and coating metal on double surface. Professional unique internal construction of the screw barrel.
2.Low-voltage electrical appliances adopt imported brands, precise control and easy operation. Also optional equipped with high-end programmable computer control, full line intelligence.
3.Vacuum forming table with advanced flow channel structure and large forced cooling system to ensure the board cooling and forming effect.


pp corrugated hollow sheet machine
plastic pp corrugated sheet board making machine
PP hollow sheet machine,PP corrugated hollow board

The auxiliary machines for making Plastic PP corrugated carton package box 

Die-cutting machine/Printing machine/Welding machine

plastic corrugated carton box making machine

1, Application of PP Plastic Hollow Corrugated sheet/Plate in Fruit,Vegetable and Food Packaging
PP plastic hollow packing box has excellent moisture resistance, water resistance, low temperature resistance, light and high strength, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable features, etc.Products: Apple Store Packing Box, Ginger Packing Box, Asparagus Packing Box, Grape Packing Box, Milk Packing Box, Variety Packing Box, Dairy Packing Box, etc.
2, Application of PP Plastic Hollow Corrugated sheet/Plate in Industrial Packaging
PP plastic hollow plate is widely used in the field of industrial packaging, because of its light and high strength, good buffer performance, good weather resistance, environmental recyclable reusable.PP plastic hollow plate industrial logistics turnover box product line is very rich, there are double-layer fixed turnover box, single-layer fixed turnover box, single-layer folding turnover box, matching knife card pad, storage cage enclosure, etc. According to the function can be divided into electronic turnover box, auto parts turnover box, logistics turnover box and so on; can meet the logistics turnover needs of all kinds of enterprises.
3, Application of PP Plastic Hollow Corrugated sheet/Plate in Packaging of Glass Bottles
With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of glass bottles, the traditional packaging of sacks cannot meet the needs of production and market. Tray packaging can overcome the drawbacks of sack packaging, can reduce the packaging and transportation of glass bottles broken, but also to avoid the sack after a long time on the bottle ash and even adhered to the bag of decay.PP plastic hollow plate according to the customer’s requirements, sealing edge, sealing angle to produce a variety of high strength and size of glass tray packaging plate.
4, Application of PP Plastic Hollow Corrugated sheet/Plate in Advertising Decoration and Advertising Printing
PP Plastic is dedicated to improving the quality of hollow plate, research and development of plastic hollow plate deep
processing. develop different processes according to different products. Made of indoor and outdoor advertising exhibition display board, publicity posters, dairy drinks and wine display box and other products, this product has waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-aging, exquisite printing, long use time, beautiful and generous, overall vision and other characteristics.
5, Application of PP Plastic Hollow Corrugated sheet/Plate in Refrigerator and Washing Machine
PP plastic hollow plate is a new type of environmental protection products, no pollution, no harm, meet the requirements of green environmental protection. The product has large internal quality, flat surface, high breaking strength, flame retardant, good moisture-proof performance, zero surface water and steam penetration, heat insulation, good energy saving effect. Especially the refrigerator with external condenser has excellent adiabatic effect. The company can make all kinds of refrigerator, freezer, washing machine back and base according to customer’s request

pp corrugated box
Plastic corrugated box,PP corrugated hollow sheet machine


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