Plastic HDPE profile machine

Plastic HDPE foam profile machine is specializing in producing HDPE plastic foam profiles including furniture material, house material,foam profile etc



plastic lumber making machine
extruder machine of hdpe profile machine

single screw extruder with high capacity design for HDPE production.

Equipped with Vacuum feeding device&Drying Hopper

hdpe foam profiles

hdpe foam profile machineDie head of HDPE profile making 

 you can change the mold for making different size of profiles,lumber,board,plate,etc

hdpe profile machine

Calibrating machine

Calibrating machine for  HDPE foam profile making machine: vacuum and water cooling for high capacity production

Haul off machine

Haul off machine for PE  foam making machine: high power haul off device is specially designed for PE foam production.

hdpe profile machine

HDPE profile machine plastic extrudercutting machine

cutting method: automatic cutting
cutting control: PLC control

Application of Flexible HDPE profile

The HDPE plastic profile is flexible and easy for bending or woven, so it is widely used for making fencing wall or summerhouse, 
the pictures of the application of the HDPE plastic flexible profile plastic lumber
hdpe profile plastic lumber making machine
plastic profile making machine


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