PVC WPC foam board machine

PVC WPC foam Board Machine  is used to produce rigid PVC WPC  foam board used for cabinet, furniture, decoration and so on. the size of PVC WPC foam board:   1220*2440*5-25mm



PVC WPC foam board machine can continuously produce PVC WPC foam board.This production line is composed of extruder, mould, calibrating platform, cooling frame, haul off machine, cutting machine and stacker.
The customer can also produce A+B+A three layers co-extrusion foam board by adding extruder and distributor .The machine should equip with water chiller, can increase production efficiency.

pvc wpc foam board machine

WPC foam board is a building material very similar to PVC foam Board. Due to its feature of environmental protection, non-toxic, waterproof, flame retardant, processing convenience. It is a high-quality building material that replaces wood, MDF, and Plywood in construction, home furnishing, decoration, and other industries. Compared with PVC board, it has a stronger nail-holding ability, because WPC foam board adds wood powder in the formula, in order to enhance the toughness of the board, and stronger strength when processed with screws, hinges. Meanwhile, WPC foam board also has a stronger bearing capacity. In addition, when the board is used outdoors, WPC foam board is easier to maintain the original processing performance during the process of wind and sun exposure, and it is not easy to be weathered and deformed, which can stay longer service life.

pvc wpc foam board machine

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