Electrical Flexible Plastic Corrugated PVC Conduit Pipe Machine

PVC corrugated pipe machine,Plastic electrical PVC conduit pipe machine

Adopt the PVC material( PVC granule/PVC powder).



This Corrugated Plastic Pipe Machine can produce Corrugated plastic pipe (single wall), which is widely used as electric pipe,wash basin drainage pipe, washing machine drainage pipe, shisha pipe, hookah pipe etc.

SJDBGZ series plastic single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line can produce PP/PE/EVA/PVC/PA corrugated pipe.
Corrugated pipe produced by our machine has the features of high production speed, even corrugated shape,straight pipe seam,and smooth surface.

Main Technique Parameter of PVC corrugated pipe machine

Pipe diameter
Production speed
Forming machine 
Motor powder
SJ65/25 Single screw extruder
Normal speed,
Mold:50 pairs or 72 pairs 
SJ51/105 Double screw extruder 
High speed,
Mold:72 pairs
PVC corrugated pipe conduit hose machine

.SJ65/25 SINGLE SCREW EXTRUDER MACHINE is suitable for PVC granule

SJ51/105 DOUBLE SCREW EXTRUDER MACHINE is suitable for PVC powder

We have professional mold design technicians,mold processing machines,machining center machines.We can design and process kinds of corrugated pipe module block,corrugated pipe joint module blocks,letter engraving module blocks and other types corrugated pipe block for any kinds of corrugated pipe according customer’s requirements.All the module blocks are specialized grinding apparatus steel,which is of high hardness and strong wear resistance.

Normal speed(popular model) forming machine/Corrugator with molds

Production speed:10-12m/min,50 pairs or 72 pairs 
corrugation machine of corrugated pipe machine

High speed model forming machine/Corrugator with molds

Production speed:25-30m/min,72 pairs 
corrugated pipe molds forming machine
coiling winder of corrugated pipe machine

Automatic winder/wrap-up pipe

1. Plastic corrugated pipe has the characteristics of light weight, strong bearing pressure, excellent bending performance and easy construction. Compared with other drainage materials, plastic bellows have the advantages of strong corrosion
resistance,strong water permeability and high cost performance.
2. Plastic corrugated pipe is a kind of corrosion-resistant, water-permeable pipe. In recent years, plastic corrugated pipes have become more and more widely used. Compared with metal corrugated pipes, plastic corrugated pipes are not conductive and can prevent stray In addition, the plastic corrugated pipe has good bending performance and is convenient for construction.
3. Plastic corrugated pipes (PA, PE, PP) are widely used in the wiring connection of machine tool machinery and electrical box control cabinets, and are equipped with plastic quick connectors. It is widely used in automotive wiring harness,
electronic,mechanical wiring harness and other fields, replacing the original PVC and metal sheath products, and becoming a widely used wiring harness sheath product on the market. In addition, plastic corrugated pipes are also used in municipal engineering,underground burying of rainwater in residential quarters, sewage discharge, irrigation of farmland, drainage of waterlogging, etc.

pvc corrugated pipe machine
corrugated pvc conduit pipe machine

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