HDPE double wall corrugated drainage pipe/DWC plastic culvert pipe making machine

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Various models of Plastic HDPE double wall corrugated pipe machine

Pipe diameter:40-350mm




PE/HDPE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe making production machine adopts extruding and forming process, it has the featuresof reliable quality and high efficiency.Compared with other plastic pipe wall structure ,double wall corrugated pipe has excellent wall structure design,its low weight reach the lower production cost and improve the market competitiveness.The pipe is widely used in various field instead of concrete pipe and iron pipes,because it has excellent features such as:easy connected and accessiories installed,and quality reliable.

SBWG series double – wall corrugated pipe production line can continuously produce HDPE double – wall corrugated pipe and this line can achieve on-line belling.
The machine has the function of automatic demoulding when power is off.
The extruder adopt high-efficiency screw, the die head adopts double-layer spiral structure, mould die and core die being nitrided.
The forming machine adopts vacuum forming type, equipped with automatic lubrication system.Forming mould is made of aluminiumalloy, adopt water cooling type.
The pipe can be cut by on-line cutting machine automatically.

Double wall corrugated pipe is mature product which has the advantage of low weight, low cost, anti-corrosion,good ring stiffness and flexibility.

Our company has developed PE double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line formore than 25 years. We have the whole series of double wall corrugated pipe machine: horizontal type, verticaltype and shuttle type.

Our machine can process wide range of material, including HDPE, PP, PVC, etc.
details of double wall corrugated pipe machine

40-110mm HDPE double wall corrugated pipe machine 

The material of molds: steel ,72 pairs

hdpe double wall corrugated pipe machine manufacturer plastic machine

110-250mm HDPE plastic double wall corrugated pipe machine 

Material of molds:Aluminium alloy ,48 pairs

110-315mm HDPE plastic double wall corrugated pipe machine 

The mold material is made of overall aluminum alloy, with high thermal conductivity, high hardness and high wear resistance

hdpe double wall corrugated pipe machine
application of dwc pipe machine
plastic corrugated pipe machine extruder machinery

Application of HDPE double wall corrugated pipe

1. Drainage and ventilation pipes for mines and buildings;
2. Municipal engineering, underground drainage and sewage pipelines in residential quarters;
3. Irrigation and drainage of farmland water conservancy; drainage pipes for sewage treatment plants and garbage disposal sites;
4. Chemical ventilation pipes and chemical and mining fluid conveying pipes;
5. The overall processing of pipeline inspection wells; high-speed kilometers of pre-buried pipelines;
6, high-voltage cables, post and telecommunications cable protection sleeves, etc


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