Plastic Nylon PA corrugated pipe electrical conduit pipe making machine

Nylon PA corrugated pipe machine

Suitable material: Nylon PA granule

Final product:Plastic Corrugated Pipe Cable ,PA Wire Protector conduit pipe



Nylon PA corrugated pipe machine is composed of single screw extruder,forming machine with molds,vacuum forming system,pipe winder

pa corrugated pipe making machine

Single screw extruder 

Equipped with vacuum feeding system,drying hopper.

The Screw diameter ratio: 25:1 

Designed for nylon PA6 material extruding 

Forming Machine 

Vacuum forming system 

Air cooling system 

nylon pa corrugated pipe machine
electrical pa corrugated pipe making machine


Vacuum trap 

Manufactured by request 

By changing the molds,this machine can produce different diameter

PA corrugated pipe winder 

pa corrugated pipe machine
pa nylon corrugated pipe making machine

Flame retardant nylon PA Corrugated pipe(Polyamide)

Material: flame retardant nylon PA;

Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +150 ° C;

Flame retardant rating: V0 (UL94);

Environmental standards: in line with EU ROHS standards;

Product characteristics: high temperature resistance, friction resistance, high load bearing capacity, acid, alkali, lubricating oil, inorganic salt, etc.; can withstand the heavy pressure of the foot, no break, no deformation, can be quickly recovered, and no damage itself;

Application:machine tool machinery, power engineering, industrial,self-contained,automotive,wiring,harness,communication line, etc.;

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