Plastic PA PP opening corrugated tube making machine

The corrugated tube is suitable for auto wire harness,electric thread-passing pipe,etc.



This Corrugated Plastic Pipe Machine can produce Corrugated plastic pipe (single wall), which is widely used as electric pipe,wash basin drainage pipe, washing machine drainage pipe, shisha pipe, hookah pipe etc.

SJDBGZ series plastic single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line can produce PP/PE/EVA/PVC/PA corrugated pipe.
Corrugated pipe produced by our machine has the features of high production speed, even corrugated shape,straight pipe seam,and smooth surface.

We have professional mold design technicians,mold processing machines,machining center machines.We can design and process kinds of corrugated pipe module block,corrugated pipe joint module blocks,letter engraving module blocks and other types corrugated pipe block for any kinds of corrugated pipe according customer’s requirements.All the module blocks are specialized grinding apparatus steel,which is of high hardness and strong wear resistance.

plastic corrugated pipe machine
4.5-13mm plastic flexible corrugated pipe machine
haul off and cutter machine

The cutting system 

Including haul-off,tapping,cutting legnth.

PLC control& HMI 

corrugated pipe machine

corrugated pipe
corrugated pipes
application of corrugated pipe plastic machine

If you are interested in plastic single wall corrugated pipe machine/Flexible corrugated tube making machine,please contact me at any time.

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