HDPE PE PPR water pipe extrusion machine

HDPE PE PPR water pipe extrusion machine
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HDPE PE PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine Introduction

This Extrusion machine can be used for different diameter HDPE PE PPR Pipe production which have excellent stiffness and flexibility, heat resistance, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, resistance of environmental stress cracks, resistance to creep deformation, heat-linkage, and so on. So, this pipe production line is a preferred for ductwork system of gas, water pipe and agricultural irrigation pipe between city and village.

Application & Feature:
The pipe produced by this line can be widely used in water supply and drainage and fuel gas system.The maximum pipe diameter this line can produce is 630mm. This production line can be equipped with single screw extruder or parallel twin screw extruder.

The haul off machine has two-claw, three-claw, four-claw, six-claw type.

The cutting machine has blade saw cutting and planetary cutting method.

Process Flow:

* Vacuum Feeding Machine
* Hopper dryer
* Single-Screw Extruder type
* Mould PE pipe
* Vacuum calibration and cooling tank
* Extended Water cooling tank
* Laser printer
* Hauling off machine
* Dust free Cutting Machine
* Double stations winder machine

HDPE PE PPR pipe extrusion machine

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