Plastic HDPE Pipe Machine

The HDPE pipe machine adopt unique mold and sizing sleeve design.

Pipe diameter:63-1000mm

The HDPE pipe is widely used in water supply,water drainge,gas transmission,threading and other fields.



HDPE Pipe Machine is mainly used for producing agricultural irrigation pipes, drainage pipes, gas pipes, water supplying pipes , cable conduit pipes etc.

The pipe has some excellent features such as heating resistant, aging resistant, high mechanical strength, environmental stress cracks resistant, good creep resistant, etc. our extrusion line is designed with high efficiency extruder and equipped with reducer which is high speed and low noise, Gravimetric dosing unit and ultrasonic thickness indicator can be assembled according to customer’s demand to ascend the precise of the pipes .

Turn key solution can be provided, like laser printer crusher, shredder, water chiller, air compressor etc. to achieve high-grade and automatic tube production.  
Process Flow: Raw material+ Master Batches → Mixing → Vacuum Feeder →Plastic Hopper Drier→ Single screw extruder →Co-extruder for color string & Multi Layers → Mould → Vacuum Calibration Tank → Spray Cooling Water Tank → Haul-off → No Dust Cutter → Double/Single disc Winding/ Stacker → Final Product Inspecting &Packing
hdpe pe ppr pipe making machine
ppr pe hdpe pipe making machine
cutter of hdpe pipe machine
die head of hdpe pipe machine
haul off of hdpe pipe machine
winder of hdpe pipe machine
HDPE ppe extrusion machine plastic machine manufacturer


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