PVC High Pressure Fiber Braiding Hose Extruder Machine

We are offering the pvc high pressure fiber brading hose extruder machine / production line.
This Line consists of main extruders,water cooling tank, haul off machine, fiber braiding machine,coiler etc, which has reasonable design, unique structure, stable performance ,easy operation and maintenance, constant production capacity



The Plastic machine PVC fiber braided hose making machine is used to make the PVC fiber-reinforced pipes, also named PVC net pipes or plastic plica pipes, which could be apply in carrying high-pressure or mordant gas and liquids.

Also widely used in machinery, colliery, oil industry,chemical field, agricultural irrigation, construction, home application (like solar water heater, gas tank, etc). Now it is also widely used in garden irrigation.

High pressure Fiber braided PVC Hose Characteristics:
1 polyester open mesh braiding permanently encapsulated in walls of clear, flexible PVC tubing
2 Compound does not contain any known cancer-causing chemicals
3 Constructed of three PVC layers, it offers far higher pressure resistent capabilities than unreinforced PVC tubing
4 Mirror smooth interior permits outstanding flow characteristics, more beautiful by adding symbol lines on the surface of the hose
5 anti-UV, flexible
6 Corrosion and abrasion resistant with flexibility similar to rubber but with much longer life

Model JDS45 JDS55 JDS65 JDS75
Extruder SJ-45/30 SJ45/30 SJ65/30 SJ75/30
Diameter range(mm) 6-16 8-25 12-50 20-50
Output(kg/h) 20-40 30-60 40-80 60-110
Installed power(kw) 35 42 50 65
pvc fiber pipe making machine
pvc hose machine
pvc pipe machine

If you are interested in PVC fiber braiding hose extruder machine,please contact me at any time 



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