Plastic PE Pipe Machine

This PE pipe machine is suitable for making the PE pipe from 16-25mm.

The pipe is used in used in electric wire protection

Specially, the steel wire can be inserted in the pipe during the production



Single Screw Extruder

The extruder consist of the screw pole, cylinder, reducer, extruder head’s stand, the water and wind cooling system, the
lubricating system, temperature-controlling system, speed-changing cabinet etc.All the parts be made by reputed manufacturer and the reputed supplier brand.
We adopt special screw for different raw material and different pipe diameter, so the raw material can be well plasticization and get goo quality pipes. A unique screw and barrel combination, perfected through theoretical studies.The screw pole will be made of alloy steel and processed nitrogenous. It will have excellent ability of hardness. At the same time, it will be wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting
extruder of corrugated pipe machine

Die head & Steel Wire Insert Device Machine 

pe pipe machine

Vacuum forming & Water Cooling Tank for PE pipe machine 

pe pipe plastic extrusion machine

Haul off device for PE pipe machine

Pipe coiling/Winder Machine for PE pipe machine

haul off machine of pe pipe extrusion machine
pe pipe making machine


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